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Sted1 is a drop-in center for young people aged 13 to 19 years old. It is a municipal initiative, which has existed since 2005. Everyone in the age group are welcome at Sted1. There is no registration, visitation or enrolment. It does not cost anything to be there, and it is a possibility for the young people to enjoy a meal, which is prepared fresh every day. There is no upper limit for the number of young people, who can be at Sted1 at one time. There are typically between 40 and 60 daily visitors – and a new face every day.

At Sted1 you can meet four trained youth workers (Bachelor in Social Education/pedagogue); three fulltime and one who works 12 hours a week. In addition, there is an employee, who is responsible for the kitchen and who oversees grocery shopping and cooking.

Sted1 is not activity based. This means that the youth workers are always available during opening hours. It is possible to have an informal conversation in the common area, and 1-to-1 conversations in a conversation room. The dialogue is open-minded and acknowledging.


Activities and traditions at Sted1

Sted1 has different events and traditions during the year. Every month the “girl group” (“Pigegruppen”) meet for girl nights where they make dinner and talk about different topics. The “girl group” is aimed at girls between the age of 13 and 22 years old with alcoholic parents.

Furthermore, Sted1 has two bigger trips planned every year – a ski trip during the winter, and a trip during the summer holiday. Sted1 also participates in different events in Viborg – for example the 24-hour race, which takes place every year in August.

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